Texicon z39.50 Public Server

Jun - 19

Texicon z39.50 Public Server

Jai Christ Library-Build with the income of a football match conducted by the foolball team of coastal area of Thrivandrum district ,Adimalathura.


The development of the library movement in Kerala is unique and is inextricably connected with the economic, social, political and educational development of the State. Kerala has the largest number, per head of rural libraries in India. Kerala has 900 villages and 170 townships and cities. If the number of libraries goes up to 8000 then on average there are 8 libraries per village. This compares very favorably  with other states of India.

In 2015 Kerala Library council started to automate these libraries in a single cloud Koha ILMS. But the main challenge of this project was, making technical expert  in catalogue, classification and all major features of Koha ILMS to 8000 librarians in  rural areas of Kerala, which may also have less background in library and information field.

      From 2016 Texicon Software Solution started collecting of bibliographic details of  Malayalam and some famous other language books of this libraries  and hosted in our server. To make benefit of these data, Texicon made a public z39.50 server to library professionals with a number of total 1 lakh+  Malayalam books which are classified and catalogue by  following the guideline published by  Kerala Library Council. Not only for public librarians, but any academic, special, school librarians can also easily & freely download the data and they can save huge time for retro conversion.

Screenshot (36)
Connection Details
Parameter Setting
Server name Texicon
Hostname catalogue.texicon.in
Port 9998
Database biblios
Syntax MARC21 / USMARC
Encoding UTF-8

N: B – This data is made with a lot of effort of library staffs from different libraries. Some local variation may appear in data.

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